First4Lawyers have this week released a very interesting piece of research that highlights an issue for many law firms.  Namely too many law firms are still relying on marketing approaches from years gone by.  In a month when Yellow Pages have (finally) announced the end of their printed directory in the UK (from 2019) and in an age when consumers have more access to information and services than ever before - it is time for change.

Earlier this week I presented at the LFS Conference on the topic of 'Do less but do it better'.  I outlined the importance of having a clear understanding of who your target clients are, where they 'hang out' and having a clear understanding of how you can help them.  With this in mind, it follows that you can devise an approach to marketing your services that has a chance of resonating with, and that appears in the right places for, your target audience.  

I know many excellent law firm marketers that are trying very hard to deliver effective marketing - by which I mean delivering new clients and ££'s (bottom line results!) BUT, often their efforts are hampered by the lawyers who may be 'stuck in their ways' and insisting on doing things the 'old way'.  

Don't be that firm, embrace change, embrace opportunity and listen to your law firm marketers - they are an expert too!